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The Story of a Brand

Aug 26, 2019

In Part 2 of this special "Brand Communication" episode, we interview communication expert and Founder & President of The Silver Telegram, Ronjini Joshua.  Ramon Vela and Ronjini some of the most pressing communication/public relations challenges facing brands, startups, and tech companies. 

Together they discuss: Being on honest with yourself about who is your target market, Why you can have slightly different stories for each audience, How to create a media plan, Working with Journalist and bloggers, Making sure to have target goals, Provide customers with experience, Start planning for next year NOW, What is your share of voice and how to grow it, Building your own personal brand, Wy Taking a stand vs. middle of the road can lead to success and much much more. 

Join us as we interview Ronjini Joshua in Part 2 of this episode and hear her share the inside story of a brand. 

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