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The Story of a Brand

Jun 13, 2023

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Chris says, “I figured I should make something that just goes back to basics and gives people something a little better than ingredients go.”


Today, we interview Chris Wysong, Owner & Founder of Bucket of Bread. Bucket of Bread provides baking mixes that are made with certified organic ingredients, preservative-free, vegan-friendly, and super easy to prepare. 


Add lukewarm water to the recyclable bucket, mix, and you'll end up with dough that can last up to 2 weeks in the fridge. This gives you complete flexibility to make a variety of baked goods. You can make garlic knots, pizzas, cinnamon buns, breadsticks, pretzels, bagels, naan, doughnuts, or even more with recipes available on our website.


Bucket of Bread is also Veteran-owned and shares profits with charities fighting food insecurity and combating hunger in America.


We discussed: 


* What he’s grateful for
* How he got started with baking
* Baking bread with Iraqis and being a veteran-owned business
* Why it’s like a meal prep kit
* A breakdown of ingredients, including no dairy, preservatives, fat, or egg
* The charitable side of the business or why he does what he does
* His goals as a business: 500 online sales per month
* Why he has more than the bottom dollar in mind


Join Ramon Vela and Chris Wysong as we break down the inside story of Bucket of Bread on The Story of a Brand.


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