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The Story of a Brand

Jul 30, 2022

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Dalci isn't a diet dessert, or dessert alternative, says Founder and CEO Najwa Khan. Dalci is trying to educate consumers about ingredients and provide a "better for you" option.


"One core ethos is that we don't want to fit into a diet, she says. We're not a diet brand. We're not trying to help people have restrictive eating. We're trying to do the opposite: educate consumers about ingredients, why we choose the eight ingredients we currently do, and why we're not trying to do a low calorie, high protein keto brownie."


Najwa has her hands deep in the business, pitching in to handle baking duties and customer service - even after hours and on the weekends.


"I love what we do, and I love that people love our brownies," she says. "So, yes, I'm irrationally at the kitchen every day. I was even there on Saturday. I'm not going to lie - baking, producing, tasting. I've been doing that to get this company to the next stage."


Najwa says the brand's inspiration came from "personal annoyance." She was constantly complaining about packaged foods while at the same time going through a series of health challenges. Friends recommended she try eating holistically. Additional research led her to conclude that food she thought was healthy was anything but healthy. She began preparing clean meals for herself but was miserable because she couldn't find a clean dessert. After learning to make her brownies, she was on the road to creating Dalci.


In Part 1, Najwa talks about:


- Gratitude to three former colleagues who helped her get experience working in a tech company.
- An overview of the brand.
- Her hands-on approach to running the business.
- How health issues led her to discover clean eating.
- The lack of clean desserts.


Join Ramon Vela and Najwa Khan as they break down the inside story on The Story of a Brand.


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