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The Story of a Brand

Oct 18, 2022

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Adam says, “And that's really what this entire platform is all about. Yes, we're always going to be focused on taste and texture, cause that's the most important thing. A lot of brands choose to focus on macronutrients. I believe macros are incredibly important. But what we believe here at CanDo is it's got to taste great.”

He stresses, “We are sticklers on taste. We are sticklers on texture. We are sticklers on ingredients and we, if we can make it taste good and it's a little better for you, it's a win-win for everybody.”

Today we talked with Adam Bremen, Founder of Keto Krisp by CanDo. CanDo (makers of Keto Krisp) is driven by a mission to inspire and empower a community of doers, dreamers and believers to live a healthier, more-fulfilling lifestyle, every day. They make gluten-free, low carb, low sugar, Keto Krisp keto bars that are a delicious blend of healthy fat, protein, and energy to fuel your day.

We have a lively discussion about life, challenges, overcoming obstacles, great tasting keto bars and the true mission of CanDo.

Topics include:

* His gratefulness for his family
* Why everyone has a CanDo story
* For Adam, love is at the center
* How their focus is on taste and texture
* The origin story / his story
* How they got in their first retailer
* Why you have to be an advocate for the things you care about
* Why this is a platform for sharing the CanDo philosophy
* Why they are a consumer focused company first, a product company, second
* And more…

Join Ramon Vela, as we break down the inside story of Keto Krisp by CanDo, on The Story of a Brand.

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