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The Story of a Brand

Mar 27, 2023

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Becca and Jess say, “It is the utility. They are so practical and I love the idea that you should have things in your home that serve a purpose and that you believe to be beautiful. And to me I still have the original locker that I literally picked up off the side of the street because it's a reminder of the beauty that I saw in this rusty old banged up locker that really needed a lot of love to make it practical… it's got a story, it's got history and metal furniture ages gracefully, you know, whereas something that's made out of MDF if it gets wet or it gets soggy the edging peel off it.”


Today, we interview Becca Stern and Jess Gray, Co-Founders of Mustard Made. Mustard Made has reimagined old school lockers to make them pretty + practical for your home, work space + kids' rooms. They’re here to make life a little more tidy.


Mustard Made was founded by Becca and Jess, two sisters living on opposite sides of the world who always had the dream of building a business together. 


We discussed:


* What they are both grateful for
* What they were doing before the brand
* What was it about lockers that excited them enough to start the brand
* The power of the brand’s vision
* The multiple challenges faced by the brand including packaging, fire on boats, Suez Canal, sandstorms, typhoons and more
* Their secret for getting through hardships ~ not being surprised when things happen (expectation & acceptance)
* Their story of launching in America
* Putting “problem solving” as your job description as an entrepreneur
* Supply Chain issues and why they now add in buffers to delivery dates
* A review of their product: lockers and more…
* The challenges of scaling the business
* Their 3 core values
* Why it’s important to define who you are and who you want to be
* As the business grows, so should you as an entrepreneur


Join Ramon Vela, Becca Stern and Jess Gray as we break down the inside story of Mustard Made on The Story of a Brand.


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